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Mo 9. Dez 2002, 23:29
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§1 - Signup
- Gernerally everyone with a valid email adress can take part at this forum.
- Only one account per user!
To become a full member you must confirm your signup with the link in your registration mail!

§2 - Member details
- Specifications like username, email, password, date of birth and gender are duty.
- More details are not committing but desired to avoid too much anonymity and to strengthen the cooperate feeling of our community!

§3 - Member introduction
- Member introduction is simillar to user details, no duty but strictly desired. (Usually we all like to know whom we are talking to.)
- Please use a new thread to introduce yourself.

§4 - Threads' title
- The title should fit to the content of your post. The use of additional characters and capital letters is strictly undesired!

§5 - writing style and grammar
- To avoid confusions and ensure a fluent conversation you should use a comprehensible style and proofread your posting (and correct if needed) before submitting!

§6 - Links to other pages
- Links to Sites with forbidden content and articles, which are illegal and displeasing in any way, wont be tolerated at all! Postings according to such contents will be deleted at once and the user will be warned. Within very bad cases the user will be banished.
- Each member is liable for his/her published texts, pictures and links in full content.

§7 - Signature
- Your signature should be choosen adequate and not too flashy.

§8 - Netiquette
- Disrespect and indignities wont be tolerated at all. If there is any problem with another member, please adress yourself to the moderator. He will contact the administrator where necessary.

§9 - debarment and breach of the rules
- User which are warned repeatedly will be banished.
- Further on administrator and moderators will keep their right to delete, move or lock postings in their descretion.
- after suited warning, breaching the rules can cause account deletions and consequently debarment from our community.

§10 - Inaktive member
- A member is classified as inactive if he, as a new member hadn't achieved any post within 6 month, or as a user with one or more posts haven't been active for more then 12 month. Geoversum will keep its right to prove the activity and to send reminder mails to inactiv members.
- If a member decides to leave the community a short note must be sent to the administrator. This can happen via email or private forum message.
- If a reminded member wants to stay at the community, he/she must log in within 4 weeks and send a short note to the administrator (Vanessa). (this must be done, it's the only way to update the database!)
- Members who don't respond to this mails will be deleted after 4 weeks.

§11 - Severability clause
- If any provision of these Rules is for any reason held to be invalid or unconstitutional, such invalidity or unconstitutionality shall not affect the validity or constitutionality of the remaining portions of these Rules, it being hereby expressly declared that these Rules and each provision thereof would have been adopted irrespective of the fact that any one or more other provisions be declared invalid or unconstitutional.

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