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The Institute of Applied Geosciences at Graz University of Technology invites applications for
a full‐time Assistant Professorship in Isotope Geochemistry / Mineralogy for female
researchers. The earliest starting date is April 1, 2013 and initial appointment is limited to 6
years. This is a tenure‐track position (“Professorinnen‐Laufbahnstelle”, Ref. 2210/13/001)
and upon successful completion of the initial contract, a permanent position as Associate
Professor may be awarded.
Applicants must hold a Ph.D. degree in geosciences or an allied discipline and have a
demonstrated record of research and publication. It is highly desirable to have special
competence regarding isotopic geochemical analyses, in particular with (LA) Multicollector
ICP‐MS techniques. The successful candidate will be responsible for the isotope laboratory
within the NAWI Central Lab for Water Minerals and Rocks, which facilitates interdisciplinary
cooperation between university and research entities in Graz (including the Graz University
of Technology, the University of Graz, and the Joanneum Research Graz). Along with isotope
geochemistry and mineralogy, the applicant's interests may include (but are not limited to)
the application of stable (e.g., B, Si) and radiogenic isotopes (e.g., U‐Th‐Pb, Sr) to water‐rockinteractions
and geochronology, or closely related fields.
The successful applicant will participate in interdisciplinary academic and applied research
projects, and teach courses for undergraduate and graduate programs in isotope
geochemistry, mineralogy and environmental sciences. Thus, an extended record of teaching
and student supervision activities, together with a record of acquiring and conducting
research projects is highly valued. Applicants with a demonstrated ability to work effectively
as part of an interdisciplinary team are also valued.
Applications must be received by February 28, 2013. Candidates should submit a letter of
application with the names and contact information (including Email) of two referees,
current curriculum vitae, publications list, and a statement of planned research activities to:
Prof. Dr. Martin Fellendorf, Dean of the Faculty for Civil Engineering of Graz University of
Technology, Rechbauerstraße 12, A‐8010 Graz, Austria (
Additional information is available at,, or by contacting Prof. Dr. Martin Dietzel, Head of the
Institute of Applied Geoscience at

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